The Phonic All Star Products

Introducing the Phonic All Star Music CD

CD No 1. Cruisin’ with the Consonants

is children’s music which is exciting and that POPS! Each sound features one of the Phonic All Star characters featuring their favourite speech sound and alphabet letter. Listen for all the words that feature that sound in the lyrics as the Phonic All Star characters teach how their speech sound is created in the mouth and tell their story.

CD No 1- “Cruisin’ with the Consonants” features the following alphabet letters and speech ¬†sounds…

/p/ Portia Candle, /m/ Miss Mary Mouth, /t/ Toby Tap, /s/ Sidney Snake, /w/ Winona Wind, /y/ Yeeha Yowee, /b/ Bobby Ball, /z/ Zippy Bumble Bee, /v/ Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner, /j/ Joker Jack and /h/ Hydro Hound.


The music is developed to compliment the speech therapy speech and literacy program for correction of speech and literacy impairments. The music is a vital ingredient in the Teach-Me-Speech-Sounds Program as part of the “how to fix Speech” “How to fix reading-spelling-writing” series which are offered at the Speech Pathology clinic and will be made available online soon.

The music is available from the Optimal Communications Speech Pathology clinic or as a download from itunes.

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