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The Phonic All Star Music

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Crusin’ with the Consonants- Phonic All Stars-making learning fun for kids.

The Phonic All Star music soundtracks are a great complimentary resource for kids to enjoy with the Phonic All Star Speech and Literacy Program. Each sound track has been written in such a way to capture a powerpack of information for children to listen to whilst enjoying each characters featured track. When writing the lyrics and working with Bignote Productions on the Gold Coast to unique compose and produce the soundtrack, Katrine Elliott (Speech Pathologist) considered important features to weave into the soundtrack which included:

Each character features a specific speech sound using alliteration in the lyrics. Try and count how many words are featuring the targeted speech sound at the beginning of the word.  (Eg. Sidney Snake features over 50 “s” words).

Each song details instructions of how each speech sound is made using the parts of the mouth, the lips, the tongue, the voice and the breath.
Each song outlines parts of the characters story which is then featured in the talking books and story books.

Here’s a sample of one of our Phonic All Stars…

Zippy Bumble Bee

Speech therapy music for Phonic All Stars Program
  1. Cruisin’ with the Consonants
  2. B-Bobby Ball
  3. Z-Zippy Bumble Bee
  4. H-Hydro Hound
  5. V-Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner
  6. S-Sidney Snake
  7. J-Joker Jack
  8.  W-Winona Wind
  9. T-Toby Tap
  10. Y-Yeeha Yowee
  11. P-Portia Candle
  12. M-Miss Mary Mouth







Hard copy CD’s are available at the Speech Pathology clinic ($35.00) or you can digitally download your own copy from cdbaby or itunes by clicking on the link.

Cd 1:Cruisin’ with the ConsonantsCd 2: Carnivale of sound