Meet our Principal/Director – Katrine Elliott

Speech Pathologist / Voice Consultant

Rehabilitation Consultant (Communication)

Katrine Elliott B.Sp.Thy. M.S.P.A.A.

Katrine Elliott graduated from the University of Queensland in 1993 with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology. She holds extensive experience of 20 years in clinical private practice working with both children and adults with speech, language, literacy, auditory processing, voice and swallowing eating difficulties. Katrine is a senior clinician who provides supervision and clinical support and training for junior Speech Pathology clinicians in private practice as her specialisation extends from a clinical history in adult rehabilitation for neurological speech-language-communication-swallowing-disorders, paediatric developmental speech and language disorders, developmental & disordered literacy challenges, medical, function, psychological-emotional and professional voice disorders, childhood & adult speech & language within the field of mental health, and Katrine is able to provide support for specialised diagnostic conditions such as Autism, Asperger’s/Social Communication Disorder, Auditory processing disorders, Parkinson’s Disease and Degenerative Disorders such as Motor Neurone Disease:

Katrine is the mind, heart and soul behind the Phonic All Star Program which was brought to life in 2000. As an artist at heart, Katrine is responsible for the development and the design of the therapy program that integrates neurological rehabilitation and paediatric developmental principals of learning. Katrine’s efforts and dedication to the field of Speech Pathology are seen in the creation of the Phonic All Star puppets, the artwork, and in writing the education program. She has also enjoyed writing the lyrics and producing the Phonic All Star music soundtracks for each Phonic All Star with Big Note Productions on the Gold Coast. Yes…that is all 24 sound tracks to date! No simple challenge! Just a part of this grand plan of an educational product that is entertaining for children where they just love turning up to learning!

Katrine is launching the home internet-based speech therapy program "" which was inspired by a need to assist families gaining access to much needed Speech Pathology services. The program is available on line at and to any family but people who can benefit from the learning program include people who live at a distance, are on a long waiting list for Speech Pathology services or who are financially restricted to access private speech pathology services.

…"The human mind is amazing. If it is given the chance to be exercised and developed, it can be shaped and developed from the wonder of neuroplasticity."…Katrine’s approach to speech therapy treatment integrates her experience with neurological rehabilitation,  paediatric auditory processing, speech, language and literacy to enable re-wiring of vital listening and speech processes in the mind. This can enable correction of speech difficulties such as dyspraxia, phonological delay or disorder, auditory processing disorder and associated language and literacy impairments (ie. dyslexia and dysgraphia). Katrine also designed and developed the powerpack group speech therapy program “Club Yicketty Yak-Getting Talking on track” which started in 2007 to be now the dynamic group of 2014 as re-birthed in the CLUB HOUSE at ONCE UPON A TIME THERAPY.

"Apart from my insatiable passion for creativity, visual arts and unique product development…I would describe myself as a professional rebel and boundary breaker in that my passion is to work to find ways of achieving goals and improvements that some may think are clinically impossible…"


"What is so important to me is the professional commitment to support people on their journey no matter how and where this journey may go …"

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