On Line Speech Therapy

Optimal Communications Speech Therapy is going on line in 2013 to be able to offer support to individuals who are at a distance – rural and remote and living outside the Gold Coast (Australia) region.

Why is it important to offer speech therapy online?


Speech Pathology services are generally stretched nationally in all areas of Australia and access to an assessment and treatment by a speech pathologist from government services such as the Health Department, Community Health and Education Department may leave individuals waiting for long periods on waiting lists for support services. Sometimes this may be up to a 12 month period in some regions. Sometimes services are not available at all. This is impairing to the children and adults who have to wait.  This lost time is critical for urgent needs (eg. swallowing complications) or for children who have to wait long periods to access support in a period where their brain is developing critical neurological structures and skills for speech, language and literacy. In these instances, early intervention is critical in managing the condition or correcting or supporting the underlying impairment which can present as speech errors, difficulty listening, difficulty speaking in sentences, reading, spelling and writing. Some impairments can be based on what could be explained like "faulty neurological wiring" that can then "set like concrete" in the child’s mind, making correction from intervention in speech therapy at a later date harder and more expensive to correct. The effects of this can be devastating for the child who has to wait for corrective treatment and miss learning foundation information at school in the early years of education, that can have a snowball effect throughout their following academic years. Communication and academic challenges have a significant impact on children’s self-esteem, confidence and relationship with learning.

Early intervention is key to making life long changes for these children, which have a ripple effect on their communication, confidence, peer relationships, academic performance, employment and personal self esteem.

We are able to support your family by offering consultative e-HEALTH service directly through SKYPE whereby you will be taken through a procedure designed specifically to enable support using this internet community opportunity live on the internet.

What will be involved if you take this step with us?

  • The assessment procedure
  • The evaluation procedure and diagnosis
  • The development and design of the intervention program
  • Undertaking the intervention program
  • Program review process

For further information and to speak with a team member about this service, contact us at the support desk at:


or contact us: (07) 55394009

One of our support team members, Jennifer Finlayson, Kerry Myers or Amber Corrin will be able to answer any of your questions. For further information about our Speech Pathologists who will assist you in your assessment and treatment program, go to about us and about our principal.

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