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Nev Katanic-Speech Pathologist Optimal Communications Speech Pathology- Katrine Elliott and associatesNevena Katanic (Speech Pathologist)

M.Sp.Path., B.Health Sciences 

Nevena graduated from Latrobe University in 2012. Nevena recently moved to the Gold Coast where she worked as a mobile speech therapist for 18 months providing speech therapy to children and their families in homes, schools, kindergartens and child-care centres around the Gold Coast. She has great experience with children with delayed language, speech difficulties, and literacy.

Nev is definitely our “go-getter on the team” and her passion for Speech Pathology started early because even as student she worked part-time as a speech therapy assistant in a local primary school in Melbourne. In this role she was involved in the “Hanen More Than Words language therapy program” and an Autism Assessment Clinic.

Nevena is multilingual and speaks English, Serbian and Croatian. She has a passion for cooking for children with allergies so if you’re lucky you might get some great tips!

“I can’t live without…my family, friends and chocolate.”

 Nev in close up talking about her position…

 “When offered the position at Optimal Communications Speech Pathology, I jumped at it as I enjoy working in a supported and dedicated team environment where I have the opportunity to work with, and learn from other very experienced professionals. Optimal Communications has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills to work both with adults and children. Also, I adore the clinic setting and think it is a perfect place for children to come, learn and achieve all their goals.”

In a few words, Nev absolutely loves working with all her clients and their families and tries hard to keep that passion tucked in her pockets-but you won’t miss it. Nev aims to set and achieve the best possible communication outcomes within a therapy space that is dynamic, interactive and memorable for her and the student. She loves working with children with all abilities to find their hidden talents, water them and watch them grow. You will find Nev in the “Palace” at “Once Upon a Time Therapy” with her frog prince, chandelier and animal friends. She particularly enjoys working with children in the areas of speech, language and literacy development and when your child steps foot into the enchantment of her palace room, she makes therapy a fun place where magic can occur!

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