Low tech communication aids

Low tech communication aids

Low tech communication devices include any non-technological system that is built around the needs of the client to support their ability to express their ideas, intentions and needs. There are a vast range of methods and equipment that can be developed or purchased commercially to support an individual using low technology methods. Below are some examples of methods employed by Speech Pathologists following an assessment of capability to prescribe the most effective device. They can be so simple as a notebook and pen to elaborate systems with cascades of concepts offering communication diversity.

  • a magnadoodle-commercially available
  • an alphabet grid
  • a page with symbols and words being built for a specific activity or task. This can be done from your own drawing talent, capturing web image- art,  using compic, rhebus symbols or using a commercially developed program such as Boardmaker.

This list is not exhaustive but just a taste of what is available, however remember one of the best systems available is your own creativity and imagination.

Compic symbols-Speech Pathology-Optimal Communications, autism, down syndrome, speech impairment, dyspraxia

Compic systems are another symboled system used to build into communication pages or boards for low tech communication aids.

Magna doodle sketch pads-Speech Pathology-Optimal Communications

Magna Doodle are one company that commercially sell various types of low tech communication aids which allows for writing or drawing pictures to communicate. An individuals fine motor skills will need to be considered…and drawing ability!

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