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Toby Tap teaching kids the “t-t-t” sound in speech therapy. Put your tongue behind your teeth

At Optimal Communications we provide different types of group therapy programs that cater for different individuals needs. We understand the benefit of children and adults developing practical and theoretical knowledge in a setting where we all share from group interaction and in learning from each other within the support and curriculum developed by a professional team.

All group therapy provides catering, resource material and professional presentations in the air-conditioned, purpose build Club House at our “Once Upon a Time Therapy” centre in Jackman St, Southport.


Contact us on (07) 55 28 2222 or for further information, obtain a group assessment  or to reserve your spot at our next seminar.

Our menu of current group therapy and professional training seminars include:

Club Yicketty Yack-Getting Talking on Track

Our program features the Teach-Me-Speech-Sounds Program that includes our Gold Coasts most zaniest characters, the PHONIC ALL STARS, teaching children how to create speech sound and integrate this into their speech and then literacy skills. Club Yicketty Yack is a speech correction program that claims to teach children the vital “speech engineering” skills to enable their speech mechanism to learn to function effectively for speech production and in the development of literacy skills for children who demonstrate speech impairment (dyspraxia, phonological processing disorder and phonological delay) and reading, spelling and writing impairment (phonological dyslexia) and dysgraphia).

How is this achieved?

Follow this rabbit hole down to see how far this takes you… into the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party-Once of the rooms our kids get to learn in when they visit our centre.


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Club Yicketty Yack-making learning about speech, language, literacy and school readiness skills fun.

Club Yak is a children’s communication and school readiness program that is developed and undertaken by specialised and experienced Speech Pathologists.

Club Yicketty Yack targets children between the ages of 4-7 years who are learning foundation skills that impact on success with school learning and the development of their communication skills.

The program is held on a weekly basis for 3 hours between 9-12 am for 10 weeks during the school term. The program caters for a maximum number of 10 children and targets children who need support with the development of their speech, language, auditory processing, listening, vocabulary, expressive language, early literacy, social skills and school readiness behaviour.

The group provides a comprehensive online training program for parents to understand various communication impairments and how to support their children’s specialised learning programs depending on their specific needs. This program teaches in a step-by-step process and enables communication between the specialised therapy team with their education providers at Pre-school and School.

Visit the Club Yicketty Yak website for more details





When are the groups held?


Friday mornings 9 am -12 noon

Tuesday morning 9 am – 12 noon

Saturday mornings 9 am -12 noon

10 consecutive week program

Morning tea provided

Early bookings are essential due to small group numbers.  

Once Upon a Time clinic 5528 2222

Program folder and material is provided for participants to enable activities to be shared at home and at school to enable ongoing support to achieve the best potential for your child.

Parent involvement is welcomed or you can take your coffee, relax and watch from above in the Genie Bottle upstairs which overhangs the Club House. Parent training program begins at 11.30 am each week to enable families to understand and learn specialised skills to support their children progress forward at home and at school. This is also provided online by the Club Yak members home program which is included in the program costs COMPLIMENTARY.

 The Phonic All Star program looks like a licorice allsort from the outside by the design is securely founded in evidence based research based on how our minds process speech and then use this central core to undertake reading and spelling. The program is closer to literacy engineering of the minds hardware than trying to add software (ie. reading more books when it just doesn’t work) when the hardware just doesn’t read the codes. The program is based on developing skills such phonological processing of our minds listening loop, phoneme to grapheme conversion, working memory, auditory memory and auditory and phonological processing speed skills.



Club Yicketty Yak for Tweens & Teens-Inward Bound

Inward bound is a great place to hang out for tweens and teenagers who are wishing to learn about themselves as they take their next steps forward in their education and in planning their future careers. Inward Bound is the next tier above Club Yicketty Yak -Saturday program whereby the student have gained skills in the foundations of early literacy skills and word analysis skills and are progressing forward to develop these skills for sentence building, written expression, exploration of script dialogue and narrative.

The student work to develop their project development skills and executive functioning skills that are critical for the years when multistage tasks and step-by-step project planning and time management are required for classroom success. We support them to grow and learn using creative projects such as the development of a movie, creation of a fun cartoons and design and creation of sculpture art in the no-waste art syllabus with the “10 reasons why you want to be me project“. Our tweens and teens explore deeper into the expression of symbols, language of metaphor and figurative language to develop literacy skills in their written diary to compliment their art piece.

In keeping with the syllabus designed by Katrine Elliott-Speech Pathologist-there is always some surprises along the way as the students learn about how their minds work, how to develop their mental, linguistic (speech and language) and cognitive (thinking) functions as they are now learning to take ownership of their ongoing therapeutic activity as self starters and empowered to be a stakeholder in their future success…no matter what it takes!

Inward bound also incorporates a dynamic psychological-emotional-social program due to Katrine’s passion with childhood psychology and psychiatry and in particular archetypal personality that enables the children to learn about who they arewhat their strengths are and in shaping a future that enables those characteristics and talents to shine. The program enables students to honor their uniqueness and stand confidently to further their discovery, practice and development of what these obvious or undiscovered talents may be.

The group is held in the CLUB HOUSE at Once Upon a Time Therapy utilising the Mad Hatters Tea party craft room to play and dive deeply into those artistic and creative talents whilst undergoing the group program.

The program is facilitated by Katrine Elliott, who is an experienced Speech Pathologist who draws together the arts-emotional exploration-with alternative education guidance to support participants to find their talents, strengthen their challenges and design their path forward in life.

Expect a unique experience that may involve combinations of-dance, music, inspirational craft, IT madness, movie making and theatre sports and we may even ventures out to secret destinations. This group is directed to a specialised group of students targeting children who have either already attended the previous CLUB YAK programs or who demonstrate/or demonstrated speech impairment and /or dyslexia. It is recommended that students are under attending Speech Pathology treatment programs whereby referrals and recommendations are to be made by educational providers, medical practitioners, Allied Health practitioners or Speech Pathologists. Families can direct their referrals to whereby we can arrange for an initial screen assessment for suitability.

GROUP RUNS: afterschool during the term

Thursday 5.30 pm – 8.30

10 consecutive week program


 What else do we offer?

To find out more about these service, follow the links to learn about the:

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  • Cost for registration, terms and conditions for enrolment
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