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Social skill stories are fantastic to support children, teenagers and adults with their communication skills and in particular learning the very challenging skills of having reciprocating interactions with others in an interaction. This can often be challenging for students with autism as their minds tend to be less fluid and adaptable to the constant alterations that are required when conversing with someone. An interaction requires a person to listen and comprehend what their communication partner has just said and then to interfere with their current thoughts and alter that to keep on track with what the conversation was about. From the creation of each though which I imagine is like a light bulb moment and for some people a moment of seeing a picture in their mind, then a sentence template is formulated by the language centre of the brain to enable this then to filter down to the parts of our brain that develop the code patterns of the sounds in the words and then motor plan these sounds to form speech. It sounds easy when you say it fast!!!!
Autistic students struggle with the step that involves generating the thought and then instigating the template of the sentence that expresses that thought.

We have learned about the method of using goanimate to create a story script of two people interacting. Now here are some topics based on common story scripts in a young teenagers life that were specifically written based on her life goals. You can adapt your scripts to fashion them around what is useful in your daily routine, activities, and interests. It is unlimited only by your effort, dedication and imagination. Learn the process and replicate the process and then share the process with as many individuals who are involved with that student in their life to support the process of integration. Then this autistic student is building a community around them that understands them and their needs and facilitates them in communicating using their method that works for them. Whilst this is occurring, others are being trained in a specialty along the way.
My motto is EDUCATE A COMMUNITY…and you will LOWER A HANDICAP felt by an individual…then you will increase WELL BEING-SELF ESTEEM and feelings of INCLUSION.
That’s where true HAPPINESS begins.
What is the benefit or pay off for the individuals that develop friendships and supportive relationships with autistic individuals?
Tolerance, acceptance, empathy, genuine capacity to care, and patience.
WOW…it is almost like they are here to help us. Funny that.
Hopefully you will see autism with the veil up now and see what I see.

Social Scripts categories to choose from

-watching TV
-reading a book
-having computer time

-eating breakfast
-eating McDonalds
-eating dinner

-going to dancing
-going to art
-going to maths
-completing homework

-brushing teeth
-brushing hair
-washing hair
-having a shower
-choosing clothes
-getting dressed

-cleaning the room
-feeding the pets
-washing the dishes

-swimming lessons
-speech therapy
-psychology sessions
-lessons with the tutor
-visiting the doctor

Personal information
-my birthday
-my address
-my favorite things

-meeting a friend
-having a sleep over

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