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Optimal Communications Speech Pathology Katrine Elliott

Kerry and Katrine looked far and wide and found it!
The new Optimal Communications Speech Pathology Centre is being built at Jackman Street Southport and will be ready mid-September 2013 for us to move in.

Keep updated with the new changes to our practice and our new practice being built at Jackman Street, Southport in an ideal location for families. The Therapy centre aims to open mid September 2013 and in addition to the benefits present in our Ashmore Plaza clinic, our new therapy centre will showcase viewing windows for families to watch therapy, a large group therapy space with a stage for our Phonic All Star puppets to entertain and teach you and a Genie bottle looking over the group area and stage…yes a Genie bottle!

Optimal Communication Speech Pathology Katrine Elliott

Week 1 for fit out showing the frames being constructed as we look down at reception and through to two treatment offices and the kitchen area…isn’t this exciting!

We intend to make this centre family friendly and a perfect mixture between the clinical science of the human therapies professional clinic and the art and creativity of progressive-memorable learning using multiple sensory experiences for that to occur.

Once settled in our new location, we look forward to the opportunity again at Optimal Communications Speech Pathology to run our group therapy in what will be known as …THE CLUBHOUSE. These groups will be starting up soon…

  • Club Yickketty Yack-Getting Talking on Track
  • Club Literacy
  • S Club
  • Inward Bound

As a privately owned and funded progressive speech therapy practice, we dedicate ourselves to keeping cutting edge with changes in the technology and clinical practice  when supporting community members with their communication needs.

Speech Pathology, OPtimal Communications, Katrine Elliott, Phonic All Stars

Looking through the front doors from the road you will see Jennifer and Amber as you enter the clinic in reception. The Clubhouse located behind reception will house the Phonic All Star puppets on their own stage and the audio visual room with viewing room from above in the Genie bottle!

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