What is Speech Pathology?

Speech Pathology, speech therapy, gold coast, Katrine Elliott, dyspraxia, speech impairment, dyslexia, Speech therapy or speech pathology is the specialised skills developed by trained University qualified Speech Pathology practitioners to support people with communication impairments. This includes the capability to:


  1. Articulate: produce speech sounds and to have clear intelligible speech
  2. Express ourselves using language: to produce sentences to communicate our thoughts and ideas. These sentences need to follow the rules of syntax and to use appropriate grammar. We also need to know words (vocabulary), their meaning and how these words are related to each other (semantics)
  3. Comprehend: to understand what someone else is saying to us. To follow instructions and to understand the words (vocabulary) that someone is using.
  4. Socially communicate with others: Known as pragmatic skills, this is the understanding of social rules, social cues, non-verbal language, tone of voice and facial expression that makes communication in an interaction with another natural, comfortable and competent.
  5. Read and write: Known as literacy skills, our ability to express ourselves in written text or to comprehend written text . These skills are vital to success with education and to further our speech and language skills.

Communication – the process of being able to understand and to be understood – is something most of us take for granted. Communication disabilities are the result of problems with speech, using and understanding language, voice, fluency, hearing, or reading and writing.

One in seven Australians have some form of communication disability. This means that one in seven people have a problem understanding other people or being understood by people.

Speech therapy enables individuals to develop vital skills for communication. Speech Pathologist are University trained professionals of communication who can help you to maximise your communication capability.

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