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Optimal Communications

Kerry-John Myers

Business Manager-Project Development

Kerry may seem like a new member to our team of 20 years in private practice as Optimal Communication, however, being Katrine’s right hand support man, life partner, ear to listen to, Mr. Fix It, taxi for the kids, gopher, website builder extra-extraordinaire,  and management support for the business are just a few of the titles he is graced with. He is the ultimate cat among the pigeons in an all women organisation!  He may not look as fine as Amber and Courtney in a skirt out front, but what he may lack in fashion, Kerry makes up for in IT skills and project development capabilities, in being Katrine’s partner in “creativity and hard work” and in developing the Speech Therapy On Line professional service and the teaching series available :  The Phonic All Stars, “teach-me-speech-sounds” lessons and the “How to fix…speech, listening, reading, spelling and writing series”  to introduce just a few of the projects in the pipeline to be brought to you this year.

Kerry has had an extensive and colourful background including 17 years as a police officer-(tactical response team unit), along with service in law support, finance recovery and private investigation. Kerry currently balances a life between his- own 20 year business in law support and auditing and his newly found role in Optimal Communications, assisting Katrine in managing the clinical business, developing the IT projects and raising the mixed family of Katrine and Kerry. One of Kerry’s assets he offers to our business is his relentless attitude to never giving up on a challenge, especially computer nightmares… no matter how hard or how late the hour! It is his partnership with Katrine that has accelerated the progress of the Online Speech Pathology service and the Phonic All Stars project to gain reach outside of our Gold Coast community (yeah!!!).  It has not been an overnight success for Optimal Communications, but more a process of birthing a baby that’s taken 13 years to hatch out of its egg.

Amber Corin350

Amber Corrin

Administration manager 

It’s a treat having Amber join our team as she has made her way to the front of the “Beanstalk” counter and is the first face you will see when you enter “Once Upon a Time Therapy”.

Amber is very familiar and experienced with the needs of families attending speech therapy as she has two children, Caiden and Connor, attending speech therapy to assist them reach their potential, living a “never a dull moment” with “AWE-tism”. Amber’s attitude and highly capable, no fuss, no problem, give it a go, no stress attitude landed her this highly diverse position from a 12 month interview with Katrine from a parent-family perspective. She is Katrine’s backbone and Kerry’s right arm as they undertake the management of the very busy clinic where a lot happens in the background. Her role is rapidly expanding as we embark on the big job unfolding of continual development of our clinic for the online speech pathology service and in the production and distribution of resources from the Phonic All Star Program. Yes, Amber is as witty, cheeky and entertaining as her picture indicates, making her a perfect match among our colourful team of talented individuals at Optimal Communications.


These staff have been hand picked for their positions due to not only their talents, hard working attitudes, motivation and enthusiasm but because as they each have a personal connection with the Speech Pathology industry and its benefits for individuals in the community, they understand themselves to be stakeholders in seeing positive change and opportunities for individuals who are in desperate need of support.

The Speech Pathologists and Business Administration Team make up the head, heart, and soul at Optimal Communications and are here to not only assist you to reach your optimal goals, but to also enjoy the process along the way. If you need proof of our capability, just ask our long stay clients in our community that support us as we support them and their children who have made our practice their own home away from home and the special place that it is today.

Optimal Communications Speech TherapyCourtney Myers


Courtney started with our team in 2013 as a student employee and is Kerry’s third eldest daughter. In a short period of time she has risen to the challenge of learning skills beyond her years at clinic administration and support for Amber undertaking all the ins and out of the Speech Pathology practice. Courtney is behind the scenes packaging and preparing the resources and is always there to provide added assistance to therapy or in working with your child when you need to discuss information with your clinician separately.

Courtney supports the clinicians in program preparation behind the scenes and is following in her Dad-Kerry’s and step-Mum , Katrine’s footsteps in learning IT and website building and graphic design as we step forward towards the online support programs. If you need to work out how to do something techy…ask a student! Courtney loves working with children and sees this experience at a young age as beneficial as she sees a future working within the compassion industry as she progresses forwards with her studies. Her big heart along side her entrepreneurial spirit will help her along her ways to achieving this. In particular, Courtney enjoys working with disability-especially Autism. Our community at Optimal Communications lives by a philosophy of wrapping a community around a family with a disabled child…and this is what has inspired Courtney to look at supporting parents with babysitting for children with disabilities. Courtney is learning to be a “student therapist” to support families under the direction and guidance of the qualified Speech Pathologist. So for families wanting a night out- two for the price of one!


Jodie Bird

Project development/ Administration support

Jody initially started at Optimal Communications as an administration support and also providing speech therapy aid to clients undertaking programs developed by the speech pathologists. Her role came about from demonstration of her dedication as a parent and therapist aid in her daily therapy program of her school aged son’s communication impairment. It is a credit to them to see his incredible improvements in speech from our team approach to his treatment plan to overcome one of the most severe speech impairments – verbal dyspraxia. Jed’s conversational speech intelligibility and the maturation of his literacy skills have enabled him to blossom and grow with incredible self confidence. This real life experience of turning up to the daily requirements of speech therapy, compounded with her creativity and exceptional drive to achieve these amazing outcomes, have placed Jody in this role in our practice to help other children on their journey to success.

From her clinical skills and knowledge achieved from working alongside Katrine in the Phonic All Star speech and literacy program, Jody’s role has now morphed into project development whereby she is a key creative arm supporting Katrine in the development of the clinical speech and literacy program, and by the development of resources, activities and programming equipment which is extending our program into upper primary literacy skills. Jody is the silent achiever working in the background who visits like the Easter Bunny and leaves surprises everywhere for Katrine to find. Cryptic and got you thinking…Jody demonstrates an ingenious and autonomous ability to see a need and respond to it with equipment and resources appearing everywhere with even instruction manuals about how to get the file from the photocopiers computer!!!!! That’s an effective and useful team member!

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