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Once-Upon-a-Time-LogoOptimal Communications has been providing quality speech pathology and speech therapy to the Gold Coast community for over 20 years. Katrine Elliott graduated from The University of Queensland in 1993 and has extensive experience as now the senior practitioner within her Allied Health Group. Our “Once Upon a Time Therapy centre” being located centrally at Jackman St Southport, was the dream clinic of Katrine and her partner, Kerry, which was completed in October 2013. Our centre features large, air-conditioned treatment rooms with a-joining observation rooms for families to be involved in therapy without distracting their child. Each room is like stepping into a picture book from a fairy tale.

You may visit the “forest” with Snow White, the seven friendly men, Red Ridinghood and all the creatures of the forest watching your session. Next door is the enchanting palace where you may meet Cinderella and the frog prince. All wild monkeys, tigers and children who like to walk on the wild side can learn in the jungle room. Keep an eye out for the beanstalk we are growing in the foyer of the waiting room as it grows. If you look upwards you may see Rapunzel’s castle guarded by our knight (yes-that’s Kerry’s office).

family-in-handsIf you enter the “club house” you will find this is the home of our Phonic All Star puppets and where we hold the “club Yicketty Yack-Getting Talking on Track Program.” This large, two story group room joins to our Mad Hatters Tea party-craft room for those sessions where we just need to get messy and creative to learn.

If you get to venture upstairs, you may be lucky to enter the “genie bottle” where we have a low sensory-calm sapce that we use for our sacred time, narrative therapy in our miniature land.

Currently with a team of 5 Speech Pathologist, our service can offer:

  • individual clinical assessments and treatment
  • Group Therapy
  • Family support and education

Call us or email us for an appointment to determine your suitability to our specialised service. We are happy to give you information once we understand your needs.

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    1. Naseera Mahomed

      I have a nearly three yr old son who is not communicating effectively. Can you advise me as to whether he is able to have an assessment and some therapy at your centre and what are the costs involved?

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