Club Yicketty Yack-Getting Talking On Track

Club Yicketty Yack – Getting Talking On Track 

Now that we have settled into our purpose built speech therapy centre- “Once Upon A Time Therapy” at Jackman St SOUTHPORT QLD, we have had time to finish the CLUB HOUSE. This is our fun centre for the PHONIC ALL STARS to hang out for kids to join in a exciting group therapy programs that is filled with games, music and full sized puppets whilst the vital therapy treatment and education is hidden inside. After many years of moving around from centre to centre, it is great for the Phonic All Stars to have found their home…finally.

CLUB YICKETTY YACK is a speech, language and literacy correction program which enables children between the age of 4-6 years to develop skills for school readiness.

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Club Yicketty Yack is group therapy with a twist…targeting vital speech, language, communication and learning skills.


TUESDAY and FRIDAY mornings 9 am – 12 noon

10 consecutive weeks starting from week 1- term 3

Phonic All Star Packs included in program valued at $150:

-Teach me speech sounds manual
-Phonic All Star Flash cards
-Phonic All Stars Music CD
-Activity posters
-Colouring Books


Parent specialised training program each week in which you will learn about vital information pertaining to various topics. These include:

Hearing skills

Auditory Processing and listening skills

Articulation and speech sound formation

Phonological processes

Receptive language skills

Expressive Language skills

Pragmatic-Social communication skills

Early literacy skills

Attention, school readiness behaviour

Tell me more about the speech therapy group

The Phonic All Star Music

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Crusin’ with the Consonants- Phonic All Stars-making learning fun for kids.

The Phonic All Star music soundtracks are a great complimentary resource for kids to enjoy with the Phonic All Star Speech and Literacy Program. Each sound track has been written in such a way to capture a powerpack of information for children to listen to whilst enjoying each characters featured track. When writing the lyrics and working with Bignote Productions on the Gold Coast to unique compose and produce the soundtrack, Katrine Elliott (Speech Pathologist) considered important features to weave into the soundtrack which included:

Each character features a specific speech sound using alliteration in the lyrics. Try and count how many words are featuring the targeted speech sound at the beginning of the word.  (Eg. Sidney Snake features over 50 “s” words).

Each song details instructions of how each speech sound is made using the parts of the mouth, the lips, the tongue, the voice and the breath.
Each song outlines parts of the characters story which is then featured in the talking books and story books.

Here’s a sample of one of our Phonic All Stars…

Zippy Bumble Bee

Speech therapy music for Phonic All Stars Program
  1. Cruisin’ with the Consonants
  2. B-Bobby Ball
  3. Z-Zippy Bumble Bee
  4. H-Hydro Hound
  5. V-Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner
  6. S-Sidney Snake
  7. J-Joker Jack
  8.  W-Winona Wind
  9. T-Toby Tap
  10. Y-Yeeha Yowee
  11. P-Portia Candle
  12. M-Miss Mary Mouth







Hard copy CD’s are available at the Speech Pathology clinic ($35.00) or you can digitally download your own copy from cdbaby or itunes by clicking on the link.

Cd 1:Cruisin’ with the ConsonantsCd 2: Carnivale of sound




Phonic All Star Program

The Phonic All Star speech and literacy Program is an innovative teaching program developed by Katrine Elliott, Speech Pathologist, in her 20 years of private practice on the Gold Coast.

These memorable Australian Phonetic Alphabet Critters are making learning something special for kids with speech and literacy challenges.
Zippy Bumble Bee (z), Sidney Snake (s), Portia Candle (p), Bobby Ball (b) and fellow Phonic All Stars started as a novel set of puppets to make speech therapy exciting as the centre of any Speech Pathologists kit given that they represent the speech sound grid for the individual 46 phonemes (speech sounds).
The Program interfaces the arts, with entertainment from puppets, music and bright resources with the clinical sciences, being based on solid principles of development and therapy in articulation, phonology, phonological awareness, auditory processing and literacy. Over the 12 dedicated years of its development, it was to Katrine’s surprise, that The Phonic All Star Program sculpted itself into a comprehensive teaching program for speech and literacy that has attracted the interest of speech pathologists, schools, teachers, and even investors over the years throughout its development due to the notable impact that was seen on literacy education and communication skills in the children it supported.

This and the speed of correction in the children’s programs (effectively reducing costs of therapy) weren’t in the early design…but are benefits from the maturation of time for the program to evolve from years of tinkering-adding-evaluating…then implementing.